Promo 2010 – sanoitukset


I Don’t Want It to Die

Like empty pages down the stairs
Now two of us have made a pair
A distant sound, a sudden fear
You need to feel me, you gotta reveal meI don’t want it to die, I don’t want it come
Like the day that is passing us by

There is a reason why to hide
There is a life, let’s take a ride
Meanings grow cold and a feeling may rise
You need to feel me, you need to heal me

There is a room for stories seldom told
I want to grow up but I never want to grow old

Please Tell Me to Stop

Underneath the July moon
Morning never came too soon
We lie here, but we, oh, we, we will never go homeUnderneath the July moon
Sun came early came too soon
Over us, over we, it got over you

What are we waiting for?
Giving less, giving more
Open up the sky, then do or die

Should go or should I stay?
It’s better to live than just fade away
Two lost souls are turning to rock
And if first tear drops
Please tell me to stop, please tell me to stop, oh

Underneath the July moon
Sun came early came to soon
We lie here, but we, oh, we will never get home

And there is a promise I will keep
One eye open I should sleep
Because there is a dream alive, just do or die

Evermore, once and for all
Evermore, or maybe nothing at all

Waiting for the Something

Feeling tiny feeling small
Walking slow to avoid the fall
You can’t believe at allIt’s a way to hide the pain
If there is no heaven to gain
Nor a hell or god to blame

Different stories, different names
One by one they stay the same
Being alive just to fuel the gone out flame

And we are waiting for the something
When the something means nothing at all

Feeling lonely, feeling scared
You just stand there and stare
Please go out if you dare

If life makes you unease
Learn the wisdom from the trees
Take your time and feel the breeze